Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Don't get cocky kid" - 11/28/2011 WASD Podcast

Another week another Podcast, it is episode 30 and we do things right. First we warm things up with possible resuscitation of Nintendo after they have been floundering in the water with some great sales numbers over the weekend. Next we talk about this controversial article that has been sparked many debates and will continue to spark many more, BF3 v MW3 (written by yours truly). Next gamestop posts the pricing for the PS Vita memory cards, better hold on to your Christmas cash. All this and more on another episode of WASD and the Other Controllers Podcast.

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Gamestop doesn't get it" - 11/21/2011 WASD Podcast

Ryan and I get together to talk another week about the biggest news in gaming. We talk about the new Battlefield 3 patch and some of the changes that is bringing. We also talk about how Gamestop announced what there new game service is going to be, and what we think about it. Lastly we talk about Hideo Kojima being on the cover of Official Playstation Magazine and his plans for Metal Gear Solid 5. After the stories we talk about the games we have been playing where I release my rage for the glitches in Modern Warfare 3. So listen in and be sure to send in questions for next weeks show at questions@wasdcontrollers.com.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Another year another Call of Duty game comes out, but this time it is nothing more then a rehashing of what they did two years ago. Will the campaign be enough to justify purchasing or will this title be another overpriced map pack. Developed by Infinity Ward along with Sledgehammer games, this game has managed to be another round of cheap thrills and trying to appeal to emotions. With the producer Activision, it is hard to tell what type of game would of been produced if they were not breathing down the skeleton studio of Infinity Wards neck. As for this game though it seems like they are just a one trick pony.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Shenanigans" - 11/14/2011 WASD Podcast

This week I call shenanigans on the Modern Warfare 3 sales. Ryan and I are back on a Monday to do the show at an earlier time in order to have more people tune in. Anyway this week we talk about how EA forum bans are continuing to plague gamers entire EA accounts not letting them play any games. Minecraft, the game that took the indie scene by storm has finally gone gold and has Notchs blessing to start getting reviewed. Lastly we talk about how Modern Warfare 3 did not sell as many copies as Black Ops. All this and some more in this weeks WASD and the other Controllers podcast.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Uncharted 3

Drakes Deception, one of the most anticipated titles of the year hit the shelves November 1st. Naughty Dog has spent the last two years working on this title, but should they of spent more time? Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this sequel to the 2009 Game of the Year, scratches that itch for more Drake perfectly. This game feels like Uncharted 2, which is not a bad thing but can leave you only half full. This game has even more locations you visit and more near death situations. Will that be enough for it to win 2011 Game of the Year? Lets find out.

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